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The Illustration Program has 18 spots available per class. Students will complete a three-year program totaling 1020 hours of education and work.

Objective: The Illustration Program teaches students to form a professional artist profile along with the skills to proficiently translate concepts into images and ideas, create new languages creatively and conceptually and to design innovative styles of visual expressions.

Class Description: The Illustration program allows students into the world of the most powerful and versatile medium for artistic communication. Many industries including publishing, literature, newspapers, television, advertising, websites and more employ illustrators as a medium of visual communication through diverse artistic techniques and adopting multiple graphic solutions.

This program allows students to analyze and apply the creative process and its expressive graphic communication, using the most innovative and technological practices of contemporary media. Students will find guidance through theoretical and practicing demonstrations to achieve an individual communicative artistic voice and handle difference styles in specific areas.

Career Opportunities: For alumni who show knowledge and skill in the illustration field, there is a possibility of work in an illustration house, as a collaborator or freelance artist, concept artist for video game or movie production companies, medical illustrator, fashion illustrator or wearing the president hat of your own illustration company.




First Year: After an introduction to illustration styles and techniques, the first year shows students the steps in approaching the creative process of illustrated artwork with basic techniques application. Additionally, this year will focus on the fundamentals of drawing, anatomy, drawing from live models, perspective, visual communication, color theory and psychology of color, black and white balance, halftone, shading theory, chiaroscuro, pencil and ink techniques, color pencil and first level of water-based media, and students will also improve their skills on fiction and non-fiction illustration.

Second Year: The second year goal is to strengthen the anatomical and perspective skills, while also making students comfortable working with different ink techniques and water painting techniques including Watercolor and Tempera and Liquid Acrylic painting. Students will create a series of illustrations, fiction and non-fiction, challenging their creativity in different areas such as Children’s Stories, Historical Themes ranging from the 1200’s up to Futuristic (year 3000) and Fantasy themes. Upon the conclusion of this course, students are left with an appreciation of illustration for specific age groups (Pre-school, Elementary, Middle School, Adolescent, Young Adults and Adults.)

Third Year: The final year of the program builds on the Watercolor and Tempera techniques and adds Oil; helping to consolidates the structure of fiction and non-fiction. Students will also be introduced to digital illustration and be able to manage the most current digital software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The course promotes creativity, encouraging the use of extensive research into the use of mixed-media, in order to expose the students to many materials, textures and styles.

Additionally, this course will investigate various topics such as Visual Communication, Socio-Cultural analysis, Visual Problem Solving, Marketing Strategies and Market Research, Promoting and Publishing and Career Opportunities. The students finish the course with a personal artistic portfolio, complete with the best artworks created during this education process. The portfolio will be examined at the final test and will introduce students to the job market.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to evolve and improve their competencies in order to acquire a broad range of skill sets that will make them marketable in the job market. Most importantly they will demonstrate a highly individual, distinctive style that is indicative of a mature and confident artist.