The Comics Program has 18 spots available per class. Students will complete a three-year program totaling 1020 hours of education and work.

Objective: The Comics Program educates students on the necessary professional skills needed to compete in the International publishing market. Beginning with the basics of drawing, students will learn to extend and improve their competences with narration, direction, graphic and illustration techniques. Students will encounter various styles and publishing sectors in order to acquire a skill set that will make them marketable at an International Level.

Career Opportunities: For alumni with an impressive portfolio displaying their skills and knowledge in the comics’ field, the possibility of working for a large comic book company such as Marvel or DC is in reach. You may have the dream to produce your own comic for sale, work as a freelance artist or work in the educational comics field,if so, this may be the path for you.


First Year: Year one is focused upon the main concepts of sequential art and drawing fundamentals including anatomy and perspective. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the main concepts of the comics-making process by utilizing the Italian traditional learning method. At the close of the first year, students will have achieved a firm knowledge in Comics and be able to design their own comic’s panel.

Second Year: The second year holds a foundational goal to strengthen inking techniques through the use of China, Brush, Nib, Hatching and Ink Trace methods. This will further allow students to become comfortable working with diverse procedures and expand their skill set. Additionally, students will be introduced to the coloring theory, story and screen writing, and the elements of iconographic research. Upon completion of this course, students will have created a series of comics challenging their creative drive through various narrative genres and documentation such as Historical, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Storytelling and Stage Direction.

Third Year: The final year of this program builds on the study of various comic markets worldwide and the realization of projects allowing students to become familiar with the professional world. This includes an intense introduction to the publishing markets of America, France, Japan, Spain and Italy where students will leverage their comic skills and create grotesque-humor comic art.

Furthermore, students will learn both the non-covering and covering color techniques along with digital coloring skills. Upon close of the third year, students will be able to evolve and improve their competencies in order to acquire a broad range of skill sets proving them to be marketable. Most importantly they will demonstrate a highly individual, distinctive style that is indicative of a mature and confident comic artist.

When indulging into the real world, students will be equipped with a personal artistic portfolio complete with their best artwork created during this education process. This completed portfolio will be examined at the final test and provide students with an idea of their artistic level.