Teens Dynamic Comics Workshop


Teens Dynamic Comics Summer Course!

Join the International School of Comics in Chicago for an amazing summer adventure for teens. Interested in comics and art? Love to draw and write, but feel like you could learn more? This summer add to your portfolio! All students will be working with teachers who are currently working artists and innovators in the industry of comics and illustration. Our program is a thrilling challenge to all artistic problem solvers; learn tips and tricks that published artists use now! In this course all students will have ample working time alongside the instructors, and by the end will have a finished comic of their very own. With the optional choice to SELL THEIR WORK IN CHICAGO! Students will also have the opportunity to contribute to an Anthology, as well as publish their work on their very own website! Topics such as fine art drawing, material and color study, and art history will go hand in hand with lessons in cartooning, storytelling and dynamic action in art. Students will get a firm grasp of the field of independent comic publishing and book making to actually print and sell their own work.

Instructors: Day 1: Megan Gedris Day 2: Emma Rand


Week 1

Day 1 7/7/15

Class Topic: Introductions! Orientation to the program, homework and expectations of students. First project will be introduced! Single sheet of paper 8 “page” comic introduction to personality and style. Homework: Finish 1 page comic, bring in Week 2, Day 1 to show to the class – make copies for everyone to take home!

Day 2 7/9/15

Class Topic: Drawing and Illustration. Discuss types of art and styles of comics, what interests you as an artist? Improvement on human and animal anatomy. Character design, making unique and identifiable characters. Homework: none!

Week 2

Day 1 7/14/15

Class Topic: Storytelling. Story arcs, genres, and tropes will be discussed. Begin outlining story! Show and discuss finished one page comics! Homework: Create basic outline of story – keep in mind how many pages this will end up for final printing.

Day 2 7/16/15

Class Topic: Drawing and Illustration. Start working on character design, discuss how important reference is. Make turn-around sheets for characters in comic. Homework: Finish turn-arounds of characters

Week 3 Day

1 7/21/15

Class Topic: WEB COMICS! The essentials of web comics, not just the storytelling aspects, but the freedom artists have with the digital format. Discuss free domains that students might build a website/webcomic on. Homework: Continue building story

Day 2 7/23/15

Class Topic: Drawing and Illustration: perspective. Environments and the essentials of perspective will be focused on, how they translate to a comic page. Homework: Finish in class work

Week 4

Day 1 7/28/15

Class Topic: Thumbnails and comic planning – start pages Homework: Keep working on comic!

Day 2 7/30/15

Class Topic: Dynamic drawing, cartooning and the importance of an under drawing. Make your story pop off the page! Homework: Keep working on comic!

Week 5

Day 1 8/4/15

Class Topic: Finalize thumbnails and keep working on comic! Types of self publishing will be discussed – webcomics, consignment, cons Homework: keep working on comic!

Day 2 8/6/15

Class Topic: In class critique and work period for comic projects – have questions? Feel like something is going well but something isn’t? Student and teacher feedback on all projects. Homework: keep working on comic!

Week 6

Day 1 8/11/15

Class Topic: Creative Commons and Artists Rights! Homework: None!

Day 2 8/13/15

Class Topic: Final discussion of comics, and in class show and tell Homework: None!


Pricing: Class is $320 per student, but we give a 10% sibling discount! This course fills up fast, so be sure to RSVP and grab your seat today! RSVP with the instructor and Student Services Director Emma Rand, at emma.woodburyrand@schoolofcomics.us We look forward to seeing you in class!