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Beginning Level Photoshop for Comics

20 Hour Workshop

Ben Hunzeker bio:

Ben Hunzeker is a seasoned professional colorist who has made work for titles such as Archie Comics, Sonic, G.I. Joe, and X-men. He is teaching a workshop over here at the International School of Comics to share with you, the student, his experience and skills! For beginner artists, this course starts with the basics, but goes into specifics quickly with time in class to work every week. Work closely with an artist who works in the Comics and Illustration industry!


Check out more of his work here:


Class will start with a lecture and demonstration from the instructor, followed by time in class to work on projects alongside the instructor.


Week 1 5.8.15

Basic Photoshop tools; panels; pallets; and print settings.

-Breakdown of basic tools, alternate tools and hot keys

-What are panels and pallets? How to set these up, what is necessary and what is not.

-Print Settings and color gamut


Week 2 5.15.15

Channels, layers, line prep, and flatting

-Set channels and layers

-Line art prep and necessary directions when scanning

-Cleaning line art, set tools and flat line art


Week 3 5.22.15

Layouts, prep work and design

-Design theory for covers and sequential pages.


Week 4 5.29.15

Storytelling and color theory

-Shifting colors to tell a story

-Emotions through color

-Color theory


Week 5 6.5.15

Basic Lighting and Rendering

-Shading and lighting with color, hue, saturation, and luminosity


Week 6 6.12.15

Color Holds and Special Effects

-Color holds

-Special effects

-Photoshop brushes


Week 7 6.19.15

Styles and rendering techniques

-American, Japanese, European

-Current artists

-Past artists


Week 8 6.26.15

Portfolio review and business practices



Register for class here:


1651-53 W Hubbard, Chicago IL, 60622


We look forward to having you in class!



Fridays 6pm to 8:30

8 Week Program

$350 per student ($50 off when bringing a friend – for both you and your friend!)