Hailing from the International School of Comics in Florence, Annalisa Vicar is a valuable asset and Managing Director to the International School of Comics in Chicago. Her distinguished artistic sensitivity, creativity and style in drawing have allowed her to win the school travel abroad to Cuba at the end of the three year program. 

Annalisa achieves an impressive experience working for several animation studios, first as an animator, then as a character design and storyboard artist. As a freelancer, she also explores the field of digital illustration and graphic design. During this artistic professional career, Annalisa is always present in the Schoo life, as a teacher, educational coordinator and events PR. 

Since dedicating her time to moving to the United States, her efforts in assisting the school to grow have greatly flourished. Annalisa believes the this is the experience of a lifetime and is honored to be the Managing Director behind the new ventures that the Chicago school is embarking upon. From uniquely organized classes to increased marketing efforts, Annalisa has brought out all of the stops to ensure that the International School of Comics in Chicago finds great success as those schools in Italy have.