Traditional & Digital Illustration
Intensive Program

The Intensive Illustration Program (IIP) combines together Traditional & Digital Illustration offering the students the option to attend both the digital and traditional curriculum or just one course at the time.

Traditional Illustration: 24 weeks | 72 hours
Digital Illustration: 24 weeks | 72 hours
Total: 24 weeks | 144 hours

IIPT: Traditional Illustration – $1,950
IIPD: Digital Illustration – $1,950
IIP Trad. & Digital Combined – $3,250.00
Application Fee – $75 (non-refundable)

Payments starting from $350.00 monthly

Traditional Illustration: Douglas Klauba
Digital Illustration: Jason Millet

The Intensive Illustration Program will be instructed by experienced and working art professionals to share their real industry experience to equip each student with the important needs of setting goals, working process, illustration mediums both traditional and digital, and a selection of portfolio pieces that fit each individual student desired goals and styles. The classes are instruction and lecture based and meet in a studio setting where each student can share their work and studies together within an environment that supports individual growth and development.





  • To introduce students to proper discipline of process in creation of an illustration.
  • To introduce students to insight of current illustration market and needs.
  • To provide students knowledge of mediums and tools.
  • To orient students with their personal creativity and place in the creative industry. 

Course Topics:

  • Process: Visual Blockbusting, thumbnails, studies, presentation drawings to finish art
  • Typography and Image/Poster Assignment
  • Children’s Book Illustration/Mythology Assignment
  • Anatomy/genders, ages, ethnicity, attitudes, body and facial expressions
  • Portrait study
  • Representational styles and Cartoon styles in Illustration 
  • Mediums and tools: colored pencils, gouache, watercolor, acrylics and air brush 
  • Animal Study
  • Book Illustration: Fiction/Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Horror/Thriller
  • Book Illustration: Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction/Crime, Period, Western, Sports
  • Color Theory and Color Palettes
  • Environment: Biomes Assignment 

Required Materials:

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • colored pencils
  • 18″ ruler
  • drawing pad/layout bond pad
  • watercolor
  • gouache
  • acrylic brushes
  • sketchbook
  • note: Materials will be discussed in class. Any additional materials will be discussed as needed. 



  • To introduce students to the application of digital techniques int he creation of illustration. 
  • To introduce students to different styles and approaches to creating digital illustration. 
  • To expose students to a variety of programs available with an emphasis on Photoshop. 
  • To explore different markets and avenues available for the digital illustrator. 

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to digital media with an overview of the computer programs and deeper introduction to Photoshop. 
  • Initial general Photoshop intensive along with brief history of digital illustration and style discussion
  • Continuing study on Concept Art and Photoshop, focusing on heroic anatomy. Continue to loose sketch with emphasis on figure
  • Photoshop:
    • exploration of different brushes, textures and layer modes. 
    • focus on character design and studyboards
    • continue with Concept Art
  • Introduction of Roll Playing Game Art as focus
  • Color theory in digital art
  • Comics:
    • penciling
    • inking
    • digital toning (Manga Studio and Illustrator)
    • coloring
  • Book Illustration: 
    • digital sketching
    • utilizing research and reference to tighten compositions
    • exploration of different approaches
  • Advertising Art:
    • event sites and perspective
    • storyboards from sketches to finished 
  • Exploration of Illustrator and vector art 
  • Black and White Illustrations in Photoshop, Manga Studio, Illustrator 

Required Materials:

  • laptop
  • graphic tablet
  • adobe creative suite